Dirty secret of big pharmas

I want do address another big lie in this post.

We frequently hear that the MMR vaccine is 97% effective, meaning it procures immunity in 97% of the people who received it.

But this is completely false.

As a matter of fact, two whistleblowers from Merck affirms that sham studies were done to maintain Merck’s MMR monopoly.

They have evidence to support this. Actually, they are the ones who did the fake studies years ago to show that the MMR shot is 97% effective. They designed the experiments to show this high efficacity of the shot.

That is the main issue in science in these days, we can design an experiment to have the outcome that we desire. This is not science but pure manipulation of the data.

Merck, the MMR vaccine’s manufacturer, is in court over MMR-related fraud.

The whistleblower evidence has given rise to two separate court cases.

In addition, a CDC whistleblower has alleged the MMR vaccine increases autism risks in some children. Again, Merck has lied to us for years. They have known that MMR causes autism but of course they did not disclose that information.

In reality, nobody knows the efficacity of this vaccine. This 97% claim is fraudulent. Some people say it is about 70% effective, some others claim it is 50%.

So, let’s take a look at this.

We know from genotyping, there are 24 different stains of measles. The vaccine was designed to give immunity against one strain among these 24. But the thing is we do not know if it would provide immunity against the other 23 types of virus. Nobody has done the study.

In addition, the “immunity” acquired with vaccination lasts about 3-5 years. This strongly indicates that it is not a natural immunity that last for life.

One thing we know is that the virus used to make the vaccine is responsible for about 40% of the current outbreaks.

Being vaccinated or not does not matter. Nobody is immune unless you get the virus naturally and your immune system mount a response against it the way it is designed to. This is the only way to actually prevent the measles to spread across the population.

Which brings me to those questions:

Why do the FDA and CDC continue to endorse the problematic MMR vaccine despite Merck’s implication in fraud over the vaccine’s safety and efficacy?

Why do U.S. legislators and government officials not demand a better alternative, as Japan did over two decades ago?

Why are U.S. cities and states forcing Merck’s MMR vaccine on American children?

Is the U.S. government protecting children, or Merck?

Why are U.S. officials ignoring Japan’s exemplary model, which proves that the most measured vaccination program in the industrialized world and “first-class sanitation and levels of nutrition” can produce optimal child health outcomes that are leading the world?

A central tenet of a free and democratic society is the freedom to make informed decisions about medical interventions that carry serious potential risks. This includes the right to be apprised of benefits and risks—and the ability to say no.

The Nuremberg Code of ethics established the necessity of informed consent without “any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

Forcing the MMR vaccine, or any other vaccine, on those who are uninformed or who do not consent represents nothing less than medical tyranny.

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