How to remove plaques in the heart arteries!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. and also the leading cause of death worldwide.

More than half of the deaths that occur as a result of heart disease are in men.

What doctors will not tell you is that heart disease is 100% preventable!

It is purely a man-made disease.

It is believed that arterial plaques are the main cause of heart attacks.

So, how do we prevent plaques or more importantly how do we REMOVE plaques from arteries?

First, we need to know the cause of plaque formation.

The primary cause is inflammation and there are several factors driving this inflammation.

Infected teeth are well-known to cause infection in the arteries of the heart, leading to inflamed arterial walls. Once inflamed, the body’s immune system is stimulated and the healing process kicks in. What happens is a variety of white blood cells migrate towards the site of infection. If the infection becomes chronic, the arteries stay inflamed leading to the formation of plaques.

The second major factor of plaque formation is trans fat. Some scientists decided to look at the components of those plaques. So, they extracted plaques from several patients and analyze the content. They found that all of them were mostly composed of trans fat!

Therefore, avoiding trans fats (the main sources are vegetable oils like corn, soybean, cottonseed oils) and making sure to have healthy teeth are the 2 critical factors to do.

On the other side, once plaques are formed, there is a way to remove them from the arteries, using natural products like natto enzyme, cayenne pepper, ginkgo, garlic, butcher’s broom, horsechestnut, L-arginine, B complex vitamins, and pomegranate.

As a matter of fact, I have a patient that his blockage went from 90% to 20% in 6 months using this protocol!

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