Where are the vaccine risk assessment studies? WHERE ARE THEY?

Dr. Shiva is my new hero 😊

He is bold, not afraid to speak the truth!

He recently challenged the vaccine promoters to show him the safety studies that prove vaccination is safe and effective. No risk assessment has ever been done yet, which is crazy because we inject those toxins every day to our children. You would believe that doctors would be concerned about this. But not all! They are too busy making money from them…

He is giving away ten million dollars to the first one who brings this proof to him.

Funny enough, all those pro-vaxx trolls got very quiet! Lol

Nobody has challenged him yet.

I wonder why… 😊

Dr. Shiva has 4 degrees from MIT; one of them is a Ph.D. in biological systems.

People argue that he is a computer guy, so he should not be talking about vaccines.

Yes, that is true. When he was a teenager, he invented the email that we all use today.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what I would do without emails.

But have any of those vaccine pushers read his Ph.D. thesis?

I have 😊

It was very interesting, actually.

About 30-40% of his thesis was on the function of the immune system, specifically the interferon system.

Interestingly, medical doctors do not know anything about interferons. Medical school does not teach this concept. And they want us to trust them when it comes to vaccines…

The immune system has many different types of cells acting together to protect

the body against viruses, bacteria, and other “foreign invaders.” Part of this

protection includes the production of interferon (IFN), a protein that plays a

special role in triggering the body’s response.

The immune system consists of a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs

 all are working in tandem to ward off infection and keep us healthy. This includes

interferon, one of the proteins called cytokines, which are diverse and potent

chemical messengers that can trigger the immune system to attack invading


Interferon signals neighboring cells into action and also interferes with how foreign cells grow and multiply. Interferon is also considered essential for optimal health because it can boost the immune system’s ability to recognize foreign invaders.

It is because of this special role that interferon is used in drug form as an anti-viral agent to treat many different diseases.

Moreover, researchers have shown that interferon, given by nasal spray in daily

doses, can prevent infection and illness. However, pharmaceutical forms of

interferon cause side effects such as nosebleeds, fatigue, headache and aches, and

may not be useful in treating established colds.

In humans, IFNs also play a role in cell growth, differentiation, and immunomodulation.

IFNs are divided into two groups depending on their molecular basis; type I IFNs (IFN-alpha and IFN-beta) are produced by a variety of cells following virus infection, and type II IFN (IFN-gamma) is produced by activated T cells and natural killer (NK) cells. There are three classes of Interferon, alpha, beta, and gamma.

Interferon alpha and beta are produced by many cell types, including the infection-fighting T-cells and B-cells in the blood, and are an important component of the anti-viral response. In contrast, interferon gamma is involved in the regulation of the immune and inflammatory responses and is produced by activated T-cells.

Interferon is the system that bridges the innate and adaptive immunity. It actually plays a critical role in fighting pathogens.

You can learn more about this by clicking the link below. Dr. Shiva goes over the new concept of the immune system based on the current knowledge of science.


As he states, science used to develop vaccines is 100-150 years old.

Yep, the science used to develop vaccines is based on the rudimentary concept of innate and adaptive immune systems.

This is so outdated that it is laughable. And that is what medical doctors learn!

The immune system is much more complicated than that. We know today that it includes the adaptive and innate immunity, the microbiome, the human virome, the interferon system, the gut, and the neurological system.

All those components work together to regulate the immune system and mount an attack against foreign invaders.

They are thousands of players in this picture.

Therefore, it is completely ludicrous to believe that by changing one component through vaccines (by upregulating antibody production) among thousands of other components, we can help to body to have better immunity against pathogens.

Completely ridiculous!

And on top of that, vaccination programs do not take into consideration the situation of each individual. Some kids might be more susceptible to reactions because of underlying factors. In other words, one size does not fit all.

That is one thing that always puzzles me. Preterm babies would be injected with the same vaccines than a 10lbs baby. That just does not make sense!

No wonder why Hep B vaccine increases the risk of autism in preterm babies.

The bottom line, Dr. Shiva is still waiting on the pro-vaxxers to give him the studies supporting the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

God bless y’all 😊

Dr. Serge

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