Statin medication is a farce!

Statin medication is a farce.

It is one of the biggest scams of our times.

Some British doctors recommend giving statins at McDonald’s to offset the risk of heart attacks from junk food.

Others recommend putting it in our tap water in order to eradicate heart disease.

But these propositions are simply based on their personal beliefs.

The Lancet recently published an article entitled:

“Efficacy and safety of statin therapy in older people: a meta-analysis of individual participant data from 28 randomized controlled trials”

The authors claim that statin treatment reduces the mortality rate of heart disease by 12%, which is good!

But let’s take a deeper look at this study and others, to gain a greater understanding of  how efficient these statins really are.

The authors analyzed the data from 2 groups of people: one group that took the statins and one group that did not.

The number of participants, taking the statins, was 19,767 people.

There were 20,219 people, in the placebo group, which did not take statins.

So the numbers are fairly equal. So far so good.

Then, they looked at the number of deaths within each group.

The number of deaths, in the group taking the statins, was 850 deaths.

The number of deaths, in the group not taking statins, was 869 deaths.

A difference of only 19!!

Now, if we calculate the mortality rate of the group taking statins, it is 4.30%.

By comparison, the mortality rate of the group not taking statins, is 4.32%. A difference of only 0.02%.

Much less than the 12% they claim in their clinical trial!

The next step is to look at the NNT. NNT stands for Number Needed to Treat.

Based on this study, the NNT is 1,040. In other words, you would have to treat 1,040 people to save one life!

In comparison, about 90% of people respond to antibiotics.

We can see the huge difference in efficacy here, which makes statins the worst drug on the market, when it comes to NNT.

Additionally, nobody wants to address the side effects, which are plenty!

Based on what they found:

  • About 4,900 people suffered from muscle issues
  • About 19 developed cancer
  • About 99 developed Alzheimer’s disease
  • About 14 suffered from liver failure
  • About 450 suffered from kidney failure
  • About 60 developed cataracts

And this is not all of the side effects, for example, neuropathy is another concern of taking statins, but it was not monitored.

I suspect the picture to be worse.

Thus, in order to save 19 lives, about 5,542 people would develop other issues.

I do not know about you, but I do not think it is a good treatment plan.

When it comes to heart health, the key is complete elimination of sugar out of your diet.

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