Is there a link between cancer and nutrition?

Yes, poor diet leads to cancer. We have known this for decades.

Cancer is not genetic. It is 100% lifestyles. We can prevent it and reverse it.

But how exactly does cancer arise in the body?

Dr. Otto Warburg won 2 Noble prizes for his discoveries on how a cell becomes cancerous.

He discovered that cancer is a metabolic issue meaning that there is a change in how the cells use energy. When this change happens, the cell becomes cancer.

Specifically, the body prefers fat as a source of fuel, not carbohydrates.

So, when the body cannot use fat for energy, it starts using carbs as the main source of energy. This is called fermentation.

When this happens, the body makes lactic acid (the same molecule that makes your muscles sore after a workout) and releases it into the surrounding tissues.

Consequently, the body becomes “acidic”. See Dr Warburg’s work proves that an acidic body is not the cause of cancer but a consequence of it.

Then, the key we need to ask, why does this change occur? Why does the body start to use carbs instead of fat for energy?

There are a few reasons. The main one is trans fats. We know that trans fat are bad because they disrupt the energy production in the cells. They lead to fermentation of sugar, which causes cancer.

Toxins, like mercury, aluminum and pesticides are also known to disrupt the energy production by the body.

As a matter of fact, a Japanese doctor found that the only thing in common among ALL cancers is the presence of mercury in the cells.

Yes, mercury seems to be the main disruptor of this delicate balance that regulates energy production and utilization.

Therefore, the key to cancer prevention is to eat organic, fresh food and to detox regularly in order to eliminate the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

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