White meat better than red meat? Apparently not!

One of those days, we will not be able to eat anything πŸ™‚

Another bad science being done in the field of nutrition.

First, the authors assume that cholesterol leads to heart disease. This is a myth that has been proven to be wrong hundreds of time. They do not seem to be up to date in their knowledge on this topic.

Second, they are all confused on the function of LDL. There are several types of LDL particles and most of them do not cause any issues, except the small, dense ones.

The authors say the LDL was higher for people eating white meat and this was due primarily to increases in large LDL particles, whereas small + medium LDL and total/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol were unaffected by protein source.

From the understanding we have so far, large particles of LDL are considered relatively safe.

On the other side, small and medium particles are toxic for the heart.

So, let’s summarize this study. They saw in increase in blood cholesterol when the participants ate either white or red meat. But the increase was in cholesterol that does not affect heart health, the large LDL particles. Everything else was ok. The total cholesterol did not change much. The small LDL particles did not change either.
In other words, this study did not prove anything.
On the other side, they claim that nonmeat proteins are good for the heart. They stated that vegetables, dairy, and beans are good for people who have high cholesterol.
Dairy products are actually associated with heart disease. Why all of sudden dairy is good for cardiovascular health?
Follow the money! 😊
This study was funded by Dairy Management Inc.
No wonder why dairy became good for the heart!
Right there, this should tell us to not try the results of the study.
Enjoy your chicken!

Dr. Serge



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