Measles infection causes immune amnesia. Not so fast!

I was asked by several of you to comment on the latest paper that came out, that the pro-vaxers quickly used to support that they are right, that we need to vaccinate against the measles, this deadly virus!

You must have seen titles like these:

“Measles vaccines protect against more than just measles. Here’s how.”

“Measles can cause ‘immune amnesia’. Here’s what that means.”

“How measles wipes out the body’s immune memory.”

“Measles Wipes Your Immune System’s ‘Memory,’ So It Can’t Fight Other Infections.”

“Long-lasting effects of “immune amnesia” induced by measles.”

“Measles causes ‘immune amnesia,’ leaving patients vulnerable to repeat infections.”

It seems scary, isn’t it?

We are led to believe that we need to be vaccinated against measles, or we might all die from infectious disease!

I have two words to describe this research paper: junk science.

This is the article that the pro-vaxxers believe is now the holy grail of vaccination:

“Incomplete genetic reconstitution of B cell pools contributes to prolonged immunosuppression after measles.”

And this is the direct link to the study:

It is funny to me that the pro-vaxxers either did not read the study or they did not understand it, or they simply believe what they are told without looking any further.

I believe the answer is all of the above 😊

Those vaccines promoters are so desperate that they are “fabricating” studies to support their views. And this study falls into this category.

First, the authors believe that the measles virus led to the eradication of the infections and therefore saved millions of lives.

We know that this is not true. More than 99% of the measles epidemics were gone before the introduction of the vaccine.

Thus, we can see right away their bias for vaccination. They are pro-vaxxers after all.

Second, this study is based on a false premise that the virus is responsible for those deaths.

People who know about the concept brought forward by Antoine Bechamp would understand this.

Viruses do not cause illnesses. The deterioration of the terrain is the factor responsible for infectious disease.

Even Pasteur admitted that he was wrong, that pathogens do not cause infections if the terrain is taken care of, if the terrain is optimal. And the key to this concept is nutrition, which we will come back later.

This paper claims that the measles virus destroys a subset of memory B cells which leaves the infected child susceptible to future infections by either viruses or bacteria.

Memory B cells are a B cell sub-type that is formed within germinal centers following primary infection and is important in generating an accelerated and more robust antibody-mediated immune response in the case of re-infection (also known as a secondary immune response).

These memory B cells are very important for a strong immune system. That is why we do not get measles twice.

After the first infection, the body makes memory cells that allow the immune system to mount a very robust attack if the body encounters the virus again.

Thus, the authors believe that it is very important that we never get the measles because we would be more prone to future infections. In other words, they recommend vaccination to avoid this very unfortunate situation.

This concept is just ludicrous!

It is based on flawed thinking.

Let’s go over the study, and you will see what I mean 😊

The authors state:

“We characterized the genetic changes in the B naïve and B memory compartments of 26 unvaccinated children after measles. “

And then:

“The shift in IGHV-J gene frequencies was extreme in two individuals who exhibited significant change in IGHV-J frequencies.”

In other words, 2 children out of 26 were selected because the other 24 kids did not show any evidence of “amnesia.”

This is poor science. Around 92% of kids do not have any evidence that the measles infection caused this immune amnesia. But they decided to research the 8% of the ones who did.

On top of that, they claim that the measles virus is responsible for this phenomenon. If that was the case, should we have seen a high percentage? Higher than 8%?

The question they should have asked if why those 8% have immune amnesia. What is the causative factor? Clearly, it was not the measles, but they are so desperate to blame it on the virus so they can support their propaganda.

A question that I have for them:

What specific strain of the measles virus those two kids were infected by?

This is a very important question.

We know that genetic drift has been happening in the measles virus population, meaning that due to intense vaccination, the virus has mutated into more dangerous types, that the immune system has a much harder time to neutralize and get rid of.

This has been observed in Africa, China, the Philippines, Russia, South America, the USA, and Europe.

I covered this before, and you can read more following those links:

Where those kids infected with these mutant measles viruses? We do not know…

Then, they stated:

“The naïve B cell repertoire exhibited multiple perturbations after measles infection, including a profound skew toward clones with immature features in ~10% of the cohort.”

Funny that they admitted that this immune amnesia occurs in about 10% of the people infected, which is an observation confirmed by other researchers.

The whole irony in all this is that the researchers admit this:

“This previously unrecognized immunological consequence of measles on B cell homeostasis could also explain the beneficial effect of vitamin A therapy to prevent measles complications by promoting the regenerative potential of hemopoietic stem cells.”

Indeed, vitamin A or retinoic acid is primordial for the establishment and the maintenance of memory B cells. Below are some articles to support this:

  • “R. M. D’Souza, R. D’Souza, Vitamin A for treating measles in children. Cochrane Database Syst. Rev. , CD001479 (2002).”
  • “Cabezas-Wallscheid,  A. Trumpp, Vitamin A-retinoic acid signaling regulates hematopoietic stem cell dormancy. Cell 169, 807–823.e19 (2017)”
  • “Vitamin A and Retinoic Acid in the Regulation of B-Cell Development and Antibody Production”

These articles and others demonstrate that RA or vitamin A increased the proliferation of memory B cells and it functions to maintain the functional B-cell pool, as required for an effective memory response.

In other words, vitamin A is critical for a proper function of the memory B cells and the whole immune system.

Then, we also know from science that vitamin D is also required:

  • “Vitamin D effects on B cell function in autoimmunity”
  • “Modulatory effects of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on human B cell differentiation.”
  • “Vitamin D and the Immune System”

It is shocking to me that the authors admit that vitamin A plays an important role in the prevention of measles infections but do not consider this deficiency in their study.

That is what I mean but flawed thinking. They select kids that support their hypothesis, which is measles infection leads to immune amnesia, even though 90% of the population does not suffer from this phenomenon.

Then, they omit to test for the strain of the virus they were infected.

And then, they omit to check for the vitamins A and D status.

About 50% of the population is deficient in vitamin A and 90% are deficient in vitamin D. I believe it is important to consider these deficiencies!

The interesting part is that cod liver oil has been used for decades to prevent infections. And this oil is rich in vitamins A and D!

Dr. Chris Masterjohn has a great article on the role of cod liver oil had on the elimination of the measles

“ One study, for example, found that a concentrate of vitamins A and D reduced measles mortality from 26 in a 300-person control group to 11 in the 300-person treatment group. Thus, vitamin therapy cut measles mortality by about 58 percent. A recent meta-analysis of modern literature on supplementation of vitamin A alone found that supplementation could cut measles incidence in half. “

The take home message: this is another example of very bad and skewed science. As I said, those vaccine promoters are getting very desperate and are ready to do anything to push their agenda on the population.

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