What if vaccination programs were used to collect our DNA?

When we are labeled as anti-vaxxers, a lot of crazy things happen to you.

Our opponents use name-calling, bashing, hate, anger, misrepresentation, misinterpretation, confusion, etc.

Let’s face it, they use this tactic because that is the only thing they have left 😊

One of the names they favor is conspiracist because they claim that we promote a conspiracy theory. That of which vaccines are actually safe and do not cause side effects, that the government has our well-being and protection in mind, and that pharmaceutical companies are genuine in their efforts to save humanity against those little evil microbes.

There is so much I could say on this, but today I will focus on one frightening aspect of this “conspiracy theory.”

You may have heard of the investigative journalist, Jonathan Kennedy. He has written for several outlets like The Guardian, The Lancet, The News International, among others.

In 2017, he published this eye-opening article:

“How Drone Strikes and a Fake Vaccination Program Have Inhibited Polio Eradication in Pakistan: An Analysis of National Level Data.”

He wrote:

“This paper analyzes national-level quantitative data to test this argument. Between 2004 and 2012, the number of polio cases in Pakistan closely mirrored the number of drone strikes. But from 2013 onward, polio cases increased while drone strikes fell. This can be explained by the CIA’s use of a fake immunization campaign in a failed attempt to obtain the DNA of Osama bin Laden’s relatives prior to his assassination in 2011. This seemingly vindicated militants’ suspicions that vaccination programs were a cover for espionage.”

As you read his analysis, you quickly realize that the CIA organized a way to trick people to collect their DNA.

This story first broke in 2011 by The Guardian. They claimed that the CIA organized a fake vaccination campaign to collect DNA of residents of a small town in Pakistan.

Since then, other people have demonstrated that this was indeed the case, that the CIA was part of a program to gather DNA from the inhabitants of Pakistan.

Then, Jonathan continues:

“The increased use of drone attacks and the CIA’s use of a fake immunization program in the assassination of Osama bin Laden seemingly vindicated Islamist insurgents’ suspicions that immunization drives are a cover for espionage activities.”

The vaccination campaign, for hepatitis B, went door-to-door, with the hopes of gathering DNA from one of bin Laden’s children to verify the location of his compound.

This vaccination ruse also poses a moral problem. Physicians take a Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Humanitarian workers adhere to an international code of conduct that requires that their services be provided independently of national agendas, on the basis of need alone.

The misguided vaccine program in Pakistan was started in a poor neighborhood of Abbottabad, no doubt to give it an air of legitimacy. Yet, after the first in a standard series of three hepatitis B shots were given, the effort was abandoned so that the team could move to bin Laden’s wealthier community.

This lapse in protocol proves that the best interests of the recipients were not the guiding principle of the effort, while not coincidentally betraying the program for the sham it was.

There must be a red line drawn between humanitarian efforts and the machinations of warfare, no matter how unconventional. The costs to future humanitarian endeavors, global stability and U.S. national security by doing otherwise, are too high even when weighed against the liquidation of one of the U.S.’s most fearsome enemies and even if no other option is available.

Let’s stop here and really think about the perspective of this situation.

The CIA, the government, the legal authority of this country, has the ability, the tools, the equipment, and the logistics, to actually execute a program to collect DNA.

Scary thoughts ☹

It gets even worse when you see titles like these:

“DNA-testing companies like 23andMe sell your genetic data to drugmakers and other Silicon Valley startups” from Business Insider.


“5 biggest risks of sharing your DNA with consumer genetic-testing companies” from CNBC.

The law protecting our genetic identity is pretty obscure. If one day, the government requests our DNA from different companies, they could do it. Actually, it already happened as we just saw above.

With the mandatory vaccination law being approved by some states, we are slowly losing the right to own our own bodies. We are slowly losing our liberties to enjoy our own bodies.

The latest example occurred on May 3, 2019.

Ms. Wilson of Florida introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce:

“To amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes.”

She wants to force vaccination on all children. All children!

This is criminal!

Some kids are susceptible to injury by vaccination. We should seriously look into ways to identify children who are at risk before doing anything crazy like forcing vaccination on everybody.

Otherwise, we would face a disaster.

Now they are talking increasingly more about microchipping.

“You will get chipped – eventually” from USA Today.

The government would have access to us, our location, our health, our bodies 24/7.

This is straight out of the Book of Revelation! The mark of the Beast.

The Bible says it will get worse. Satan will take over our world. This is the present time we are living in.

It is the best time to go to our ultimate savior Jesus Christ!

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