USA has the worse health among the developed countries

It makes me sad to see a title like this one.

And it is ironic to me because we spend a fortune on health and apparently without any results.

So, what causes us to score so poorly?

Having worked in several hospitals, I can see why we score the worse among the developed nations.

The whole system is based on the same model as a business, meaning to make money. Very sad, but true.

Everything is gear toward to making a profit. The interest of the patient is not considered.

I have seen over and over coverage for a specific test being denied to patients because the guy sitting in an office does not think it is necessary to do it.

It was shown that more than 90% of the tests performed by doctors are useless, have no scientific validity and are dangerous.

Yes, more than 90% of them have no scientific validation. For example, mammography is useless and can cause cancer in 25% of cases.

I have seen thousands of people coming to my office with blood work, scans, imaging, etc. and their doctors do not understand know why they are sick.

On the other side, those tests that they do, medications they prescribe and surgeries they performed are the third leading cause of deaths in the USA.

Ironically, the medical community is responsible in part to this poor situation.

In addition, they inject babies with neurotoxins and expect them to be healthy?

It seems that vaccination is the main cause of this decline in the American health.

Those toxins present in vaccines cause neurological damage and are responsible for the very concerning increase in auto-immune issues.

If you look as the countries who do not vaccine as much, like Japan, they are much healthier than us. They are healthier and the infant mortality rate is almost four times less!

Vaccines are the main source that poison our kids, but environmental toxins play an important part as well. Glyphosate, most commonly known as Roundup, is another toxin we need to pay attention to.

It was recently shown to cause cancer and it is present in vaccines we use for our kids.

In brief, the reason we scored so poorly is that we surrounded ourselves with toxins that cause all those chronic issues we are facing right now.

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