Herd Immunity is not sound science

According to the CDC, the immunization rate in California is somewhere around 98-99%. This makes sense because it is required per the law that children get vaccinated for a variety of childhood infectious diseases.

This is more than what they claim we need to reach in order to obtain herd immunity, which is an immunization rate of at least 95%. In other words, measles should be eliminated in California. But as we are witnessing now, that is not the case.

All those outbreaks were brought about by travelers, people coming from other countries where measles is pandemic.

Based on official numbers, about 200 of those infected with the measles this year were vaccinated, and the remaining 400 were not.

We can see that the vaccination status has nothing to do with those outbreaks.

They claim that the effectiveness of the MMR vaccine is 93%. So, 7% of the population can still get the measles. 7% of 26 million Californians is still 1,820,000 people!

But we know that the actual effectiveness is less than 50%, meaning 50% of the population is not immunized against this virus which is more that 13 million Californians!

In addition, there are 24 strains of measles and the vaccine protects against only one!

It was shown that enough though the MMR vaccine produces a titer against the measles, it does not guarantee a protection. In order words, having an artificial production of antibodies against this virus does not procure immunization. Therefore, you can have antibodies against the measles in your blood and still get it.

Finally, I find it suspicious that they declare an outbreak in Los Angeles just when the health committee will vote on SB276 to remove medical exemptions.

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