Cancer & Fats

Another study that shows that fats are evil and cause cancer!

You know me by now �� Let’s take a look at this study and see what the data actually

The funny part is that the authors themselves admit that the low-fat diet does not reduce
the risk of breast cancer. But the media put their own spin on this and claim that
reducing animal fats is important for breast cancer prevention.

In fact, if you look carefully at the study, you realize that a low-fat diet increases the
incidence of breast cancer.

Several other studies have been done to look at breast cancer and diet. You may
wonder why another one. Good point. All the previous studies have shown that a low-fat
diet does not prevent breast cancer.

And this most recent one came up with the same conclusion. Lowering the fat intake
does not affect the incidence of breast cancer.

For starter, this study is epidemiological in nature, meaning that they look at the
incidence of breast cancer in the general population and try to determine if there are
patterns that could cause this condition.

Epidemiology can’t never prove a cause between a lifestyle and a disease. So right
here, it is irresponsible to use this to claim anything. They can find correlation, but never
For example, we know that heart attacks correlate with the number of TV in the
household meaning that your risk of having a heart attack increases as the number of
TVs increases in the house. But do TVs cause heart attack? No they do not!
See my point, correlation between two factors does not mean that they are causative
Then, the participants provided a 4-day food record at the beginning of the study. We
know that food records are highly unreliable when it comes to determine what people

Then at the end of the study, about a thousand of the 49 000 women when given a
phone call to determine their food intake for the past 24 hours.
Based on their answers, they guessed what the other 48 000 ate that day. And based
on all those answers, they determine what those 49 000 women ate for a period of
about 15 years. They never followed the diet of those woman in between those 2 time
points. All the work of the authors was based on guesses. And they dare to call this
So, everything was based on estimation of what people ate.
On the other side, the people who did not receive any counseling or help to change their
diet were twice as much sick on the other group.
In other words, the total number of people who were selected to change their diet
(lowering their fat intake and increase vegetables and grains) had 50% less high blood
pressure sufferers, were in average about 40 lbs lighters, had twice as less people with
a BMI higher than 35 (so 50% less obese people), had twice as less people using
estrogen as a hormonal therapy and had 50% less people with a white blood cell count
higher than 6.4 (a number higher than 6.4 is an indication of infections, inflammation,
stress or trauma).
To put it simple, the group of people who got selected to change their diet were much
healthier than the other group who did not change their diet. They were not overweight,
they were not suffering with high blood pressure, they were not using estrogen and
were not stress.
Today, we know that estrogen therapy does increase dramatically the risk of breast
cancer. And we know stress and inflammation are important drivers of cancer.

To recap, both group of people (low fat and high fat diets) have the same rate of breast
cancer meaning that lowering the fat intake does not have any impact.
On the other side, this study suggests that a high fat diet is protective, because those
people were twice as sick as the group but having the same rate of breast cancer!
Again ,we know that cancer is fed by carbs/sugar. And we know that a high fat diet
lowers significantly the risk of cancer in general.

In conclusion, fats are your friend. Eat plenty of them!
Dr. Serge

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