Science is fake!

Up to 90% of the science performed today is false, fake, forged, fabricated, not repeatable and therefore not trustable.

I have said it for years now. There is no real science done anymore. Everything is about money; it is that simple.

Consistent with this, we have witnessed 2 good examples of fraud just over the last few months.

The first was done Dr. Piero Anvers from Harvard Medical School. He fabricated more than 30 scientific articles about a concept that he believed was true. Harvard settled for $10 million.

The second was done by Erin Potts-Kant from Duke. She fabricated more than 12 scientific papers in order to get some funding. Duke settled for $112.5 million.

I have worked in research for several years and unfortunately, I have witnessed two major changes that have occurred over the last decade:

  1. Big Pharma controls science from the very foundation to the development of drugs. They have the power over what scientists can and can’t research.
  2. Unfortunately, scientists and researchers have forgotten the basic concepts of science. Instead, they rely on their own belief systems to conduct their research.

Personally, the battle resides in perceptions. Scientists want their research to be true and therefore are willing to omit or even fabricate data in order to keep their funding. I have seen all kind of crazy things going on in research. A lot of people know about it, but it is the elephant in the room, nobody wants to face it and talk about it.

I hope one day we will be able to remove the “money” factor in research so that we can go back doing real science

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