Medical errors are the third cause of death in the US

I am SO relieved that I am not part of this sick system anymore 😊

I am relieved that I am not part of the third cause of death in the US.

As a health care provider, I could not accept the fact that the western medical system is based on a capitalistic model.

In other words, I could not sleep at night, knowing that patients were just numbers in a big system modeled to make money. After all, it is a business. And businesses are designed to make profits. That is what shareholders of big pharma expect every year.

MDs get kickbacks or should I say “bonuses” to be the puppets of the pharmaceutical companies.

The realization that the system was sick started when my son was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer about 12 years ago.

The only option that doctors gave us was chemotherapy. We were afraid. We did not know any better. We trusted them. We believed that they had his best interest.

Soon after the first treatment, something was wrong with our baby. He got sicker. He had all sort of issues. We were basically in the hospital every week because he always had something going on.

The only answer that doctors would give us is that is was normal for him to get sicker, because chemo drugs kill everything in the body. It does not discriminate between healthy and sick tissues.

They told us that they hoped the cancer cells would die with the chemo and hoped that the body would heal itself afterward.

That was not a very optimistic picture.

Truthfully, we know today that the success rate of chemo is pretty low. Some say as low as 1%.

One thing we know for sure is that chemo does not address the root cause of why people have cancer. That is why 50% of the population will get cancer, and that is why they can’t cure it.

Consistent with this, cancer is one of the biggest killers in the country and worldwide.

Chemotherapy is a complete failure. Let’s look at how it originated.

During World War II, naval personnel who was exposed to mustard gas during military action were found to have toxic changes in the bone marrow cells that develop into blood cells.

During that same period, the US Army was studying a number of chemicals related to mustard gas to develop more effective agents for war and also develop protective measures. In the course of that work, a compound called nitrogen mustard was studied and found to work against a cancer of the lymph nodes called lymphoma.

This agent originated from the work of the Nazis. If you are aware of Operation Paperclip, you would know that hundreds of those Nazi scientists immigrated to the United States after the second war. One of the chemicals that they produced and studied in Germany for chemical warfare was mustard gas.

This agent served as the model for a long series of similar but more effective agents (called alkylating agents) that killed rapidly growing cancer cells by damaging their DNA. The era of chemotherapy had begun.

Do you see the picture?

They repurposed a compound that was used to kill people into a drug that is supposed to save people.

This is ludicrous.

Cancer, for example, is a metabolic disease. It is a disruption of the energy metabolism at the cellular level. How can chemo drugs fix this? It is impossible.  They add more fuel to the fire. Indeed, chemotherapy is the main cause of metastases, the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

Decades ago, Japanese doctors showed that mercury is a major driver of this metabolic condition. Today, we can add Roundup, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, and several other toxins to the list.

These toxins are the main cause of cancer. To eliminate cancer, we need to address the toxic load of the body.

The allopathic system will always be a failure, always.

The reason is that the system is not meant to address and fix the root causes of illnesses, but to mask them with drugs.

Their motto is: let’s mask the symptoms and have customers for lives.

That is why people are dying using western medicine. Doctors drug them with more medications when no studies have ever been done to look at possible interactions between different drugs taken by patients.

Sometimes, for fun, I ask people to name one, just one condition that allopathic doctors can cure consistently. People would look at me with a funny look, all confused.

Not too surprisingly, the answer is simple. Aucune. Nada. None.

All they do is they cut off the light on the dashboard of the car instead of fixing the engine.

They add more fuel to the fire. Everybody that I have met who takes medications has side effects, and their issues are not gone. Actually, they end up having more issues because of the downward spiral they are in once they start taking medications.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges published a list of 40 medical approaches that are pointless but still performed by MDs.

You can read them at

Most of what MDs do are pointless like PSA testing, chemotherapy, and mammograms for example.

Do not get me wrong. If you have a car accident or anything like that, MDs are amazing!­ I have seen them save lives in instances of emergency like heart attack, stroke, or accidents.

But when it comes to chronic issues, they are at lost. They have no idea what to do to help people.

MDs has no training at all in nutrition, no training in science, no training in functional medicine, no training on vaccinations, no training in how to actually help patients to get better.


One thing that I never understood is why people perceive and believe that MDs are gods, why they are the only ones who have the authority to talk about health when they have no training in getting people better!


Actually, they should not have the authority at all to talk about health!

MDs have no training in how to read science, none!

First, they do not have the time to read science.

Second, if they do, they read the abstracts, and that’s all.

Third, they do not have the appropriate knowledge, skills to evaluate the validity of the papers they read. That is not their fault, they are not trained to read science.

As opposed to PhDs, we are trained to critically read science.

When I read a research article, it usually takes me at least 1-2 hrs to break it down. I look at the flow of the paper, the consistency of the figures, the data. I look at the statistics, the methodology used, errors that they may have, etc.

It takes some time to carefully read and analyze a paper.

This has to be done knowing than more than 90% of the paper published are wrong.

Not having the skills to differentiate a good or bad paper has led us into this mess, confusion, believing that fats are bad or vaccinations save lives.

Functional medicine is the new future, the new hope for people who deal with chronic issues.

It is the only way to actually heal our bodies.

What is mainstream in health care? What does it mean to be conventional? What is considered an alternative?

350 million people went to medical doctors for service last year.

420 million went to “alternative” doctors.

An estimated 38% of Americans spent about $34,000,000,000.00 (34 Billion dollars) out of pocket to do so. That is more than all hospitalizations out of pocket costs that same year. According to the CDC.

Other sources like the New England Journal of Medicine says in 1997 alone the US hit 42% using alternatives up from 33% in 1990, and estimates it could be as high as 70% now.

The Research Intelligence Group shows in new studies by Survey Sampling International that globally, 66% of patients feel disrespected by their medical doctors. They say their MDs do not answer questions or involve them in their own treatment decisions and speak down to them.

I hear this all the time. Very unfortunate!

It seems the use of alternative health care options rise with your education level.

A survey showed that 30% of people without a high school diploma, 50% with a high school diploma and 70% with a college degree reported using alternative health care options in their treatments.

And this was not for minor issues, this was a survey of cancer patients reported at the annual breast cancer symposium sponsored by the Cancer Therapy and Research Center.

Very similar results indicating the more educated a person is the more likely they are to use alternatives or choose an alternative primary provider over a “conventional.”

Those are smart people! 😊

We are in a time where researching and including non-medical options is a must.

Information has never been more accessible, and as it is more and more people will be using it to make informed decisions just as more and more choose not to follow the standard directive of conventional care when they know their options.

Let I said, I am so glad that I am no longer part of this sick system.

God bless y’all 🙂

Dr. Serge

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