The measles has never been eradicated!

 The measles has never been eradicated, ever. This is very dishonest to claim that it is the case. Every year, there are hundreds of cases of measles in this country.

Second of all, they claim that “most” of people who got the measles this year are unvaccinated. Again, this is very misleading as 60% of them were indeed not vaccinated and 40% of them were. Saying that “most” of them were unvaccinated is deceitful.

Third of all, this article claims the herd immunity is responsible for the elimination of the measles. “Every outbreak since elimination was declared has eventually fizzled out, as the virus hit the wall of herd immunity, keeping the elimination status of the U.S. intact.”

This is one of the biggest lies of this article.

In reality, we have never reached herd immunity. For decades, the actual rate of the whole population for the measles is around 30-40%. So, herd immunity is not responsible for the reduction of the measles. Something else is going on here.

On the other side, in many counties, the vaccination rate is around 98%. So, with this herd immunity being active, we should not see outbreaks, but we do. Again, something else is going on here.

Fourth of all, the author says: “Statistically speaking, once we get above 1,000 cases of measles, we’re going to have a death,” says Najera. In other words, they claim that for every 1000 kids infected with the measles one would die.

Again, this is very misleading because this is based on kids that go to the hospital. If you look at all people infected with the measles the actual rate is about 1 death in every 10 000 people, which is much less. And if you look at the whole population, the rate is one death for 500 000 people infected, which is much less scary than 1 in 1000. Again, very misleading information from the author.

Fifth of all, the article claims that “If these chains of outbreaks continue burning for a year, we’d be in a position to question the elimination status, he says. The cause? Vaccine refusals.”

Of course they blame those outbreaks on the unvaccinated ones. But the scientific evidence is pretty strong in favor of the vaccinated ones. In other words, those outbreaks are being spread by the shedding of this vaccine which can last for weeks.

To put it simple, the vaccinated ones are responsible for those outbreaks. In addition, the efficiency of this vaccine is less than 50%. So 50% of the vaccinated ones do not have immunity against this virus!

Consistent with this, in 1989, measles surged to 18,193 cases, around 40% of which occurred in vaccinated children. Why did this 40% of children got the measles when they should have been immune?

If you understand the ecology of bacteria and viruses you would understand that we will never get rid of those micro-organisms. They’ve always been with us and will always remain with us.

Viruses are helpful and procure benefits. For example, the flu virus is known to be a scavenger for our bodies meaning they help to eliminate and purge toxins. In addition, the measles virus is known to procure protection against brain cancer.

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