Pro vs Anti-vaxers

You may have noticed this as well. Currently there is a heated debate between 2 groups of people: the pro and anti-vaccines.

It seems that they do not agree on anything when it comes to vaccines.

The main reason of this big difference is that one group relies on epidemiological studies, whereas the other one depends on biological studies.

Pro-vaxers use epidemiological studies to support their points. Anti-vaxers use biological studies.

Epidemiology is the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.

In science, we know that epidemiology does not give us any direct answers, but it gives us direction.

Epidemiology can’t never prove a cause between a lifestyle and a disease. So right here, it is irresponsible to use this to claim anything. They can find a correlation, but never causation.

For example, we know that heart attacks correlate with the number of TVs in the household meaning that your risk of having a heart attack increases as the number of TVs increases in the house. But do TVs cause a heart attack? No, they do not!

See my point, a correlation between two factors does not mean that they are causative factors.

When it comes to vaccines, the pro-vaxers use about 15 studies to claim that vaccinations do not cause autism.

These are epidemiological in nature which, like we just said, are irrelevant and can’t be used to support their points.

In addition, the studies they are referring to are fabricated, fake, fraudulent. All those studies have been manipulated to show that vaccines do not cause autism.

But when independent researchers analyze the data, we can see that vaccines DO cause autism!

On the other side, anti-vaxers use biological studies to show that vaccines cause autism. These are the only studies that we need to look at to clearly see a direct causative link between these two.

Yes, biological studies show without any doubt that vaccines DO cause autism.

As an example of one of the best biological studies we can look at is this one.

Some doctors took baby monkey, which have a genetic makeup very close to us, and they injected them with the same vaccines that we inject our children.

In other words, they replicated the American vaccination schedule.

To their surprise, the baby monkeys develop autism!

This study has been done using other animals as well with the same result!

Another biological study that was done is this one (see link below). Doctors found out that children with autism have antibodies against the measle component of the MMR vaccine. These antibodies were demonstrated to attack the brain causing inflammation of the brain and then autism!

In other words, the measle component of the MMR causes autism!

There is no doubt that evidence from hundreds of biological studies demonstrate that vaccines cause autism.

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