Vaccination during pregnancy. A good idea?

I hope y’all had a great Christmas break.

As you could see, I took a week off. It was nice to get some rest. I went to Tennessee for the weekend. I had never been there. I always wanted to see Dollywood 😊

It was quite an experience to see the Smokey Mountains!

I loved it, but it is time to go back to educating people 😊

As I was coming back home, I overheard a conversation at the airport.

A pregnant woman was having a pretty intense conversation with her husband. She was concerned about her upcoming shots that her doctor recommended. She was saying that some people she knew got hurt or the baby got hurt because of the vaccines. But the husband was all for the doctor’s recommendations, that we should trust him because he knows his stuff. But the wife was adamant about her concerns.

You know, everywhere I go, it seems that people talk about vaccines 😊

Believe me, I wanted so badly to get involved in this conversation, but it was not appropriate for me to interrupt them 😊

This brought me to think about this: is there any evidence to show that vaccines are safe during pregnancy?

As you can expect, the answer is no!

The flu vaccine, for example, has never been tested on pregnant women so we do not know if there are any consequences to this experiment. The concern is legit because the flu vaccine is the only shot that still contains mercury.

In addition, some other vaccines contain the highly toxic aluminum.

Funny enough, I just saw this article on my feeds. I think it was meant for me to talk about this today.

The article is

“Infant Hospitalizations and Mortality After Maternal Vaccination” published in 2018 in the journal Pediatrics.

The authors conclude:

“We found no association between vaccination during pregnancy and risk of

infant hospitalization or death in the first 6 months of life. These findings support the

safety of current recommendations for influenza and Tdap vaccination during pregnancy.”

But you look deeper, this “study” was fabricated from the very beginning.

What I mean is that they excluded the unvaccinated women in the group!

In other words, if you compare vaccinated women with vaccinated women, of course, you would not find a difference!

This is common sense.

So, from my colleague Dr. James, 87 413 people were excluded as we can see in this graph.

They excluded:

– ALL CASES OF HOSPITALIZATION OR DEATH of the infant during pregnancy or birth.


– ALL CASES OF PRE-TERM BIRTH before 34 weeks gestation.

– ALL CASES OF PERINATAL COMPLICATIONS (complications shortly before/during/after birth).

– and more…

In other words, they virtually eliminated all the evidence that vaccines in pregnancy are harming and killing infants, from their study.

If you remove this evidence, you remove the correlation that could potentially exist between vaccines and issues during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby.

And this is the type of “science” that is used to defend the idea of vaccine safety.

This is the type of “science” that vaccine promoters are using to prove their points.

This is beyond ridiculous!

This is just not science, but data manipulation and it should be criminal!

They would do everything to protect their monopoly and power!

It is funny that they regularly blame us that we do not read science, but on the other side, they use this kind of junk to prove they know what they are talking about.

I usually do not read much the threads on my post but once in a while I pop in and read some comments.

I have to say that last week I had a blast reading comments from some of my favorite trolls lol

One of them was asked by one of my followers to provide just ONE study that proves without any doubt that vaccines are safe and effective and that there is no risk associated to them. Funny enough, she started blabbing about other things. She could not provide one study!

Then, the same troll was trying to say that only MDs can talk about vaccines. But funny enough MDs are not trained in vaccinations! I have talked to many MDs in my career and none of them could recognize a vaccine injury if they encountered one.

Then my followers were naming MDs and PhDs who are anti-vaxxers. The same troll said that obviously they are wrong because Dr. Offit is the expert in the field and he has said multiple times that vaccines are safe.

Do you see the circular reasoning here? She assumes that Dr. Offit is right so everybody who does not agree with him is wrong. That is quite scientific! lol

What if Dr. Offit is wrong. This argument does not work anymore.

She used this logic because she could not use science obviously. So, she used other illogical ways to prove that vaccines are safe.

Then, the best for the last.

One of the trolls said (copy and paste of her own words):

“lady shedding isn’t a thing, you aren’t “immune” to these PREVENTABLE diseases once you have had them, and choosing to have the ability to spread PREVENTABLE diseases that some people are unable to be vaccinated against is socially irresponsible. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you should read an actual scientific article from a reputable source. All the bullshit you read by these sham doctors and Facebook mom groups has clearly damaged your brain… real scientific information is available online also, you just choose not to seek that out.”

I had a blast reading this comment! Lol

Shedding is not a thing… lol hundred of studies show exactly that it is a thing! One of my good friends is the head department of the transplant unit in one of the biggest hospitals in the country. They have a policy about patients not being around people who got recently vaccinated for up to 4 weeks. The reason: the patient might be sick because of the shedding!

You are not immune to preventable diseases once you have had them… lol Why do we have an immune system then? Lol

Spread disease… lol disease that we do not have lol

It is funny to me that those people who claim that they rely only on science to support their points can’t use science to support their points! Lol

The bottom line, do not give up!

More and more people are waking up to the truth!

God bless y’all 😊

Dr. Serge

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