The CDC has lied for decades. The truth is: vaccines DO cause autism!

We have been told that vaccines do not cause autism. We were told that science is unequivocal on this, science is settled, there is no doubt that vaccines do not harm our children.

But is that really the case?

To get an answer straight from the CDC, ICAN sued them for falsely claiming that “Vaccines do not cause AUTISM.”

And funny enough, the  CDC lost!!!

In other words, the CDC does not have any proof of their claim. They have lied to us for decades!

Here’s the press release:

“The CDC is sued. They must show all studies used to determine why they suggest vaccines don’t cause autism. They don’t want to provide the studies, but the judge makes them.

There are 20 total. Not hundreds, not thousands, not an exhaustive amount. 20. But are they all studies? Nope! Are they for all vaccines? Nope. Are they on the recommended schedule? Nope. What are they on? Thimerosal and MMR and a review of DTaP.

Do the studies say the MMR or DTaP are safe? Nope. One says that there is not enough information to suggest that the vaccine may or may not cause autism.”

Hear that well. 

The CDC has a study, they are compelled to disclose as a reason for why they are suggesting vaccines don’t cause autism, where the studies conclusion is: we don’t know if it does or does not.

That’s their scientific bases for suggesting they don’t?

Guess what they didn’t include? 

The 2004 study that the entire world uses to promote the notion that vaccines don’t cause autism.

The very same study that took years to do, eventually had all the parties involved obtaining legal counsel and then burned their research that contradicted their claim that the MMR is safe and doesn’t cause autism.

How do we know their conclusion was counter to the data? Because Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at CDC, kept the research and delivered it to congressman Bill Posey. Why? Because the CDC committed fraud. It was illegal. They knew what the true data revealed. 

Now, the United States government will either remove from all government websites, brochures, and documents that declare that vaccines don’t cause autism…or they will be made to do so!”

We, anti-vaxers, have known this for decades. Science is on our side. And parent testimonials have been so numerous that there was no way to avoid the link between vaccines and autism.

Personally, I have seen dozens of cases where a child got vaccinated and developed autism soon after.

There are literally hundreds of studies that establish a causative relationship between vaccines and autism. I included some here, and I copied a link that contains tons of studies on this topic.

In addition,  I clearly demonstrated that the MMR vaccine causes autism:

That the Hep b shot contributes to autism:

That autism is en environmental condition and that vaccines play a part in it:

Now, I am waiting for those pro-vax trolls to apologize to us 🙂

After all, the truth always prevails when it is based on strong scientific evidence!

God bless y’all 🙂

Dr. Serge

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