Vaccine promoters claim that vaccinated kids are healthier (part 3).

This paper has been cited several times by the vaccine pushers to support the safety of vaccination.

As a matter of fact, it was shared on my last post to show that I was wrong and that vaccinated kids are strong and healthy! lol

The paper is:

“Early-life determinants of asthma from birth to age 20 years: A German birth cohort study.”

This study looked at many different risk factors for asthma.

Vaccine exposure was one of many exposures considered.

Vaccines were not a focus of the study. It had a very long follow-up of 20 years.

Study Characteristics:
Zero-vaccine group size: Study did not have a zero-vaccine group. This is a big drawback of this study. Therefore, it is not a vax-unvax study.

The other only looked at asthma only for the adverse outcome that was measured.
The study has the following problems that render it useless as evidence for safety of the vaccine schedule:

1) There was no zero-vaccine group. The study completely ignored all vaccines other than MMR, BCG and TE. Since only MMR, BCG and TE vaccines were considered, the “unvaccinated” actually received vaccines. The study states:

“We were not able to examine the effect of other vaccinations in our current analysis because the number of children who were not immunized at all against tetanus, for example, was too small for robust risk estimates.“

Accordingly, the “unvaccinated” group definitely received some vaccines. Vaccine exposure (e.g. average number of vaccines) in the “unvaccinated” group was not provided.

2) Neurological and autoimmune outcomes were not measured. Only asthma was considered.

3) Total vaccine exposure was not described. Both vaccinated and “unvaccinated” groups received an unknown number of vaccines (other than MMR, BCG and TE).

An interesting and perhaps expected finding is that vaccination with BCG, MMR and TE were associated with a 34% reduction in asthma risk. 

If the vaccines caused the asthma reduction, it may be because the MMR, BCG and TE vaccines induce a Th1-type immune response.

This creates a long-term Th1 programming of the immune system, which is known to reduce risk of allergic disorders like asthma.

The immune system can operate in opposite “modes” known as Th1 and Th2. Th1 and Th2 are opposites on a spectrum. Th1 inhibits the Th2 mode, and vice versa.

The Th2 mode causes allergic-type immune responses. People with allergic disorders have immune systems programmed to respond in the Th2 mode. The MMR, BCG and TE vaccines induce Th1 and create long-term Th1 immune programming, which can be expected to reduce allergies. So, the observed reduction in asthma is not surprising.

Vaccines with aluminum adjuvant generally induce Th2, and hence cause allergic disorders, including asthma. Vaccines that contain Al adjuvant include Hep B, Hep A, DTaP, HiB, pneumococcal, and meningococcal. 

I expect that if the study had considered only aluminum-containing vaccines, it would have found a positive association with asthma.

Grabenhenrich et al. is not a vax-unvax study. It provides no evidence supporting the safety of the vaccine schedule.

Again, another fake study that the pro-vaxxers can’t understand!

God bless y’all 🙂

Dr. Serge

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