The autism epidemic is real!

Pro-vaxxers have claimed that autism isn’t an epidemic, that the definition simply broadened to what is now known as autism spectrum disorder.

However, Dr. Walter Zahorodny, whose job it is to literally count autistic children and report the numbers to the CDC states:

“Zero, none is due to shifting diagnosis”

“…if autism prevalence was affected by greater awareness you would expect the age of the first diagnosis to decrease, which it hasn’t.”

 “Autism prevalence at 3% is a very important public health concern. An urgent public health concern. I’m very disappointed that some of the leading media in the United States didn’t report our finding, it’s hard to justify or explain.” 

“The most obvious thing to conclude is that these estimates are not at all due to a changing definition of autism. I’m still surprised how frequently the media reports that this [huge spike in prevalence] could be due to a wider definition of autism or changing diagnostic criteria. Throughout the 14-year period of doing autism surveillance we’ve only used one definition of autism and that’s the one that was provided by the DSM-IV. We never changed those criteria so zero is due to shifting diagnosis.” 

“There’s been a significant shift upwards in autism prevalence, that goes without saying. Pretty much every indicator, IDEA data, data from the ENHIS study, data from the ADDM network, and other sources of population-based information show a significant rise in autism across the United States in the last decade to 15 years.”

Last but not least, from his child psychiatry practice in Holland, D. Arn van Krevelen watched.  And waited.  He had been on the lookout now for almost a decade.

The year was 1952.  During his career, van Krevelen had seen just about every variety of mental disorder. 

He diagnosed teenagers developing the first signs of schizophrenia; he saw brain damage from injury and illness; he witnessed the sudden psychic disintegration of children known as dementia infantilis. 

Now he was watching for something different “markedly and uniquely different from anything reported so far,” as the first child psychiatrist to observe it wrote in 1943.

These children shared “fascinating peculiarities”, unusual use of language, or none at all; rituals centered on objects and obsessions; lack of emotional connection with parents or any other human beings.  They should be easy to spot: they were, after all, unique.  Yet, van Krevelen was starting to doubt their existence.

Where were they?  Where were the children with autism?

So as you can see, the statistics and experts disagree with the pro-vaxers statement. 

Furthermore, I’ve heard many times that in the past people with autism were locked up in institutions, but experts like Sigmund Freud wrote extensively about all conditions, and the institutions were actively looking for autistic cases around the globe and couldn’t find them.

In other words, even in those institutions, there were no autistic patients! They were actually to find some to study!

From the book Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future (which is very good and thorough when it comes to the epidemic of autism):

“Epidemic denial of autism doesn’t add up.  US population of 124 million in 1931-the year the eldest child in the 1st report of Autism was born.  Divide that number by the current autism prevalence of 1 in 68 children.  There should have been 1.8 million Americans with autism in 1931.  There weren’t.

How many have ever lived on the earth?  About 100 billion by 1931.  Again, using simple math yields about one-and-a-half billion autistic individuals who have lived before 1930.

Someone would have said something.  The profile of autistic children is distinctive.  It’s impossible that no doctor or social observer ever commented on their behaviors.

So if the autism rate isn’t dramatically increasing, then where were they and why weren’t they counted?  The science, history, and math don’t seem to back the vaccine promoter argument.”

As you can see, using simple math, the vaccine promoters’ argument simply does not add up.

It is not too hard to realize we are facing a real, true epidemic of autism.

And genetics has nothing to do with it. The pro-vaxers keep using a study showing that autism is 80% genetics.

But again, they did not read the article at all. This paper was fatally flawed. I will write a blog to debunk this fake science.

No gene has ever been identified causing autism.

Genes can’t explain autism. They just can’t. Mutations happen over millions of years. We have been facing this epidemic for 20-30 years. It is ludicrous to believe that 3% of the population suddenly has mutations causing autism, and this over 30 years!

Another absurd argument from the vaccine promoters.

We need to start looking at environmental factors. And more importantly, we need to all work together to find a cure!

God bless y’all 😊

Dr. Serge


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