Vax vs Unvax studies (part 3)

More recently, another study came out and concluded that vaccinated kids are sicker than unvaccinated

This article is:

“Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12-year-old U.S. children”

You can find it at this link:

Below are some excerpts from the study:

“the vaccinated were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with otitis media (19.8% vs. 5.8%,)”

“Vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with the following: allergic, rhinitis, other allergies, eczema/atopic dermatitis, a learning disability, ADHD, ASD, any neurodevelopmental disorder and any chronic illness.

Man those vaccinated kids are sick! 😊

Then they continue:

“The vaccinated (combining the partially and fully vaccinated) were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to use medication for allergies, to have used antibiotics in the past 12 months, and to have used fever medications at least once. The vaccinated

were also more likely to have seen a doctor for a routine checkup in the past 12 months,

visited a dentist during the past year, visited a doctor or clinic due to illness in the past

year, been fitted with ventilation ear tubes, and spent one or more nights in a hospital.”

Two points we can draw from this last paragraph:

  1. Vaccinated kids are sicker and parents are looking more often for medical help
  2. The parents of unvaccinated kids are more apt to help their kids naturally like with the use of herbs or homeopathic

Then, the authors explain how vaccination leads to more ear infections and sinusitis:

“Successful vaccination against pneumococcal infections can lead to the replacement of the latter in the nasopharyngeal niche by nonvaccine pneumococcal serotypes and disease [66]. Vaccination with PCV-7 has a marked effect on the complete microbiota composition of the upper respiratory tract in children, going beyond shifts in the distribution of pneumococcal serotypes and known potential pathogens and resulting in increased anaerobes, gram-positive bacteria, and gram-negative bacterial species. PCV-7 administration also correlates highly with the emergence and expansion of oropharyngeal types of species. These observations have suggested that eradication of vaccine serotype pneumococci can be followed by colonization of other bacterial species in the vacant nasopharyngeal niche, leading to disequilibria of bacterial composition (dysbiosis) and increased risks of otitis media. Long-term monitoring has been recommended as essential for understanding the full implications of vaccination-induced changes in microbiota structure.”

The authors conclude:

“In conclusion, vaccinated homeschool children were found to have a higher rate of allergies and NDD than unvaccinated homeschool children. While vaccination remained significantly associated with NDD after controlling for other factors, preterm birth coupled with vaccination was associated with an apparent synergistic increase in the odds of NDD (neurodevelopmental disorders).”

A study of claims compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for vaccine-induced encephalopathy and seizure disorder found 83 claims that were acknowledged as being due to brain damage.

In ALL cases it was noted by the Court of Federal Claims, or indicated in settlement agreements, that the children had autism or ASD.

The federal court admitted 83 times that vaccination causes autism.

You can look at the report yourself at:

Holland M, Conte L, Krakow R, Colin L (2011) Unanswered questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A review of compensated cases of vaccine-induced brain injury. Pace Envtl L Rev 28:480.

It is clear now that vaccination causes autism and contributes to ASD.

God bless y’all 🙂

Dr. Serge

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