Vaccine failure: the Achilles’ heel of herd immunity

This meme is hilarious! Lol

But it shows how vaccine promoters think. As you see, it is plain ridiculous!

So far, I have identified more than 94 instances where herd immunity completely failed in fully populations. 94!!

In science, you just need one observation to refute a hypothesis, but the vaccine pushers do not understand this simple scientific concept, which I explained in detail before.

Even with 94 examples of failed immunity, they still believe in this concept! And they say that we are the ones who do not understand science! lol

The herd immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher called Hedrich. He had been studying measles patterns in the US between 1900-1931 (years before any vaccine was ever invented for measles), and he observed that epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children had developed a natural immunity to it.

This was based upon the principle that children build their own immunity after suffering from or being exposed to the disease.

So, the herd immunity theory was, in fact, about natural disease processes and nothing to do with vaccination. If 68% of the population were allowed to build their own natural defenses, there would be no raging epidemic.

Later on, vaccinologists adopted the phrase and increased the figure from 68% to 95% with NO scientific justification as to why, and then stated that there had to be 95% vaccine coverage to achieve immunity. Essentially, they took Hedrich’s study and manipulated it to promote their vaccination programs.

But this theory relies on actual immunity. And people forget vaccination, as a flawed practice, cannot create actual immunity in everyone.

After the measles vaccine was licensed in 1963, the medical community declared a goal of eradicating measles by 1967.

But 1967 came and went, and it still wasn’t gone, 1977, 1987, 2000….the dates kept getting pushed, and the result was always the same.

Meanwhile, they continued to increase the hypothesized “herd immunity threshold,” eventually winding up at the extremely high 95% you hear today.

But NO study has ever proven this concept. There is no reason as to why they chose 95%, none.

Actually, the only reason is they realized that 80% was not enough, then 90% was not enough and now they believe 95% is necessary.

Today, they are pushing 100% of the population to be vaccinated.

The reality is vaccine-induced immunity cannot create the same results that NATURAL immunity, the real basis for the theory of the herd. Therefore, herd immunity doesn’t actually apply to vaccines. 100% compliance with vaccines will never eliminate outbreaks of diseases like measles, mumps, influenza, or pertussis.

“Herd immunity” is not achievable by vaccines because.:

A) vaccine-induced antibodies wane.

B) Some people are low responders (antibodies made are low).

C) vaccine failure, the vaccine is not as effective as claimed.

D) Some vaccines give you the virus, and you shed that virus after you get vaccinated. An individual vaccinated against a disease can spread the disease when the virus or other microbes in the vaccine sheds.

E) There are outbreaks among highly vaccinated populations and the vaccinated get the disease.

Vaccine failures caused by vaccine-induced evolution are under the same natural selection. These drops in vaccine effectiveness are incited by changes in pathogen populations that the vaccines themselves directly cause. “I think the scientific community is becoming increasingly aware that vaccine resistance is a real risk,” said Dr. David Kennedy, a scientist from Penn State.

Even if 100% of our population is vaccinated for measles, it will never leave completely because of 3 reasons: primary vaccine failure, secondary vaccine failure, and risk groups that cannot be vaccinated.

  1. Primary vaccine failure is the percentage of vaccinated individuals that never produce sufficient antibodies to protect them from the disease, even with boosters (extra doses). According to Dr. Gregory Poland, this is thought to be a genetic circumstance. And this number varies depending on the vaccine: for measles, it’s as high as 10%, for mumps more than 15%, for pertussis near 20%. For influenza, because of mismatched strains, up to 75% of vaccinated people are unprotected! This means if you are a primary non-responder, you are walking around every day with a false sense of security, clinically unvaccinated for that particular disease.

    2) Secondary vaccine failure describes a concept known as waning immunity. ALL vaccines wane over time. There is not a single vaccine that creates lifelong immunity. This timeframe also varies depending on the vaccine: for pertussis (whooping cough), it is 2-3 years, for measles around 15, and everything else is somewhere in between. So, this means many of you are reading this, well, probably all of you have lost your vaccine-induced immunity for common communicable diseases.

    3) Risks groups for the vaccine, groups who cannot receive the live virus vaccine because of potential harm, include immunocompromised individuals, those allergic to particular components, pregnant women, and children under 1. According to Dr. Poland, “this leaves a large enough segment of the population susceptible and unprotected and such cases of measles in the vaccinated will continue to occur.”

The vaccine failure for measles is 10%. In other words, even if 100% of the population is vaccinated against measles, 90% would have immunity Not enough to obtain 95%, which they keep saying is necessary for herd immunity.

The vaccine failure for mumps is 12% and DTap is 20%.

You see, even in fully vaccinated populations, the herd immunity would never ever obtainable!

But for some reasons, the vaccine pushers can’t do maths. Not sure why they do not get this very elementary concept. Even my daughter, who is 10, understand this simple mathematical equation 😊

God bless y’all 🙂

Dr. Serge

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