Corn oil is bad!

I was shocked to see this at the store ☹

They were selling huge containers of corn oil.

You can see in big letters on the label: Cholesterol free

Of course it is, plants do not make cholesterol!

Then, you can read at the bottom Heart Healthy.

This claim is completely false.

Studies from the 60s have shown over and over that corn oil causes heart disease and cancer.

There is nothing healthy about this!

The only reason they claim it is heart healthy it is because corn oil is very good a lower total blood cholesterol.

So, the only marker they consider to be heart healthy is if it lowers cholesterol.

But the problem is cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease!

Actually, cholesterol is needed for a healthy body.


– builds the structure of cell membranes

– makes hormones like estrogen, testosterone and adrenal     hormones

– helps your metabolism work efficiently

– is essential for your body to produce vitamin D

– produces bile acids, which help the body digest fat and absorb important nutrients

– essential for the immune system

– eliminates free radicals, etc.

When cholesterol goes too low, you increase your risk of cancer, dementia, neurological issues, immune dysfunction, etc.

You see, cholesterol is vital for vibrant health!

The best fats to use for cooking are coconut oil, butter, ghee, bacon grease, or any other animal fats.

Olive oil and flax seed oil are great for raw options.

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