Coffee-mate is toxic

Coffee-mate is a popular creamer that is used by many people.

But do you actually know what’s in it?

Being that it is a heart attack and cancer promoter, let’s take a closer look! 😊

The website states:

“Coffee-mate® liquid and powder products are non-dairy, lactose-free. Coffee-mate®

liquid and powder contain sodium caseinate, which is an ingredient derived from milk.”

And lists the ingredients as:

“Glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil (may contain coconut, palm kernel and/or

soybean oil), sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), dipotassium phosphate, sodium

aluminum silicate, monoglycerides, acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono- and

diglycerides, artificial flavor, color.”

Funny how they claim that it is non-dairy, then list an ingredient that it is derived from


Sodium caseinate is the biochemical name for casein, which is a type of protein found in

the milk from all mammals.

So Coffee-mate DOES contain dairy after all!

As a matter of fact, several people who are dairy intolerant have expressed to me that

they are unable to consume Coffee-mate because they experience symptoms similar to

when they drink milk or consume dairy products.

In the United States, glucose syrup is most likely derived from corn through a chemical


Hydrogenated vegetable oil is another name for trans fat. Trans fats are the main cause

of heart disease and cancer because they are directly associated to the accumulation of

plaque in the arteries which leads to a heart attack. Monoglycerides also contain trans


In addition, they cut the supply of oxygen in a variety of tissues leading to heart failure

and cancer.

We know from the work of Dr. Warburg that cancer is a metabolic disease. Specifically,

he showed that a lack of oxygen in the cells causes cancer.

Oxygen is necessary for the mitochondria to produce energy from fat.

When there is a lack of oxygen, the mitochondria do not work as well. In order to make

energy, the cell starts using glucose as a source of energy. This process is called

fermentation: production of energy from sugar.

Dr. Warburg demonstrated that when this happens, the cell turns cancerous and cancer


Therefore, Coffee-mate can cause cancer.

Then, we find aluminum. Why would they put aluminum in a coffee creamer?

I never understood this…

It is PROVEN that aluminum causes brain damage in even the tiniest dose AND it

accumulates in our brains, so further chemical exposure does even MORE damage.

Aluminum is also linked to breast cancer, neurological issues, autoimmune diseases

like lupus and IBS, sudden infant death and autism, among many many others!

You see why I am confused? Adding aluminum to a coffee creamer?

Coffee-mate is a poison. Avoid it at all cost!

Dr. Serge

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