Is aluminum in vaccine absorbed or eliminated?

I have to admit that I have changed my mind. I am retracting everything that I said last week about aluminum in vaccines being dangerous.

Several vaccine promoters sent me information about this topic. It seems that I missed a few points here.

The most common one I received is attached below.

We can see that aluminum in vaccines is safe and natural. They often compare those adjuvants salts to table salt, to demonstrate that they are both safe and natural. Both of them are processed and eliminated by the body easily. And like table salt, those aluminum adjuvants are perfectly safe because after all, aluminum is a natural element of the earth.

On top of that, breastfed babies are exposed to more aluminum through the milk of the mother, as it says on the picture.

All these are good reasons to believe that aluminum is safe for pre-term babies, babies, and infants. There is nothing to see here.

Now that I have your attention let’s be serious 😊

Sorry I have to be humorous here because some of those answers and remarks that I got on my last few posts are just plain absurd.

I am a dedicated anti-vaxer. I will never change my mind! 😊

The reason that I became an anti-vaxer is that I read the science! Apparently, the other party does not.

Here’s the proof: nobody addressed the science that I used for my claims. And I put a lot of science to support it. It was actually 12 pages of research that I condensed from all the research articles I read. More than 300 research articles!

I read biological science, it is that simple. And more importantly, I understand it 😊

What vaccine promoters do not realize that us, anti-vaxers, used to be pro-vaccines, until unfortunately, one day, something happened to our kids, family members, or a friend.

That was my case. As a healthcare provider, I was confused by all those moms and dads who came to me claiming that their children got sick right after their shots.

At first, I did not care too much about those “coincidences”, but after a while, you NEED to question your own beliefs. At least, that is what an honest and sincere doctor and scientist would do 😊

To my surprise, it did not take too much time to realize that there is a lot of science and research done on vaccine side effects and how vaccines can cause a variety of health conditions including autoimmune issues and ASD.

The evidence is so overwhelming that it is dishonest not to look at it and admit the potential risks of vaccinations.

But still, those vaccine promoters can’t face the truth. They use all kind of logical fallacies to make sure they are right in their mind.

One of them is so funny that I have to mention it. Some vaccine promoters argue that some of the research articles that I provided were done by anti-vax researchers so they should not be used because they are biased.

What about those papers published by pro-vax doctors? We should not trust them either because they are biased as well based on this logic.

They never argued against the science but attacked the messenger instead of the message.

Again, none of them could argue against the science provided in my posts. So they had to resort to “laugh” at all the comments made. They used several logical fallacies such as ad hominem, strawman argument, appeal to ignorance, false dichotomy, circular argument, Hasty generalization, and red herring fallacy, among others.

We need to know and be able to identify the weaknesses and lack of logic in their arguments in order to fight back. That is something I will do in another post because it is so fun to read those comments.

None of them could tell us why the 300 references provided were wrong.

That makes me laugh because they believe they are the ones knowing all the science on vaccines, but obviously they can’t read and understand it 😊

Let’s try to go over again the fact that aluminum injected through vaccinations stays in our bodies and it is not being eliminated.

Biological science supports this fact!

This was proven over and over so I honestly do not understand why vaccine promoters do not get this point. Maybe because it is above their realm of understanding…

But I am not giving up. I still have hope that they will get this point.

Today, it is known that Al adjuvant particles persist in the body for years. In fact, aluminum persist up to 10 years in the body! The Al adjuvant particles dissolve very slowly; they remain in the body as particles, not dissolved aluminum ions.

Ingested aluminum enters the blood from the gut. Al is absorbed in a water-soluble ionic form, typically Al3+ or an aluminum complex. This aluminum comprises individual Al atoms, like ordinary salt dissolved in water. Ionic aluminum is toxic, but at normal, natural levels of exposure it does not cause harm, for a few reasons:
1) absorption is low. Only about 0.3% enters the blood,
2) the blood-brain barrier (BBB) almost completely blocks Al3+ entry into the brain,
3) Al3+ is rapidly removed from the blood by the kidneys.

These defenses protect the body and brain from natural levels of aluminum ingestion.

Ingested aluminum has low absorption (0.3%), is rapidly eliminated in the urine, and is (mostly) excluded from the brain by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). These natural defenses are adequate to protect the brain from normal, natural levels of Al ingestion.

Based on this understanding of ingested aluminum transport, it was long assumed that AANs are eliminated in the same way as ingested aluminum. AANs cannot be filtered by the kidneys (they are too large). But it was assumed that the AANs dissolve rapidly in body fluids, and the resulting Al3+ is eliminated in the urine, just like ingested aluminum. However, this simple model is wrong.

Vaccine promoters assume that Al adjuvant is safely eliminated by dissolution and urinary excretion. That’s why vaccine promoters believe only the blood concentration of Al3+ is important.

We now know this is wrong. The Al adjuvant dissolves very slowly and so can remain in the body for many months or years. Also, it’s not just the dissolved Al3+ that’s toxic; the Al adjuvant particles are also toxic.

You see, ingested aluminum does not cause much problem. The body has a defense mechanism to excrete it.

All those claims by pro-vaxers that aluminum from breast milk is the same as vaccines or that the amount in formulas are higher than in vaccines are just plain ridiculous. They use what we call a “red herring” fallacy, where they try to distract and confuse us from the real issue: injected aluminum is toxic!

By the age of 6 months, a typical American baby is injected with 3675 mcg of aluminum.

Compare this to breastmilk, for example. By the age of 6 months, a baby who is breastfed absorbed about 21 mcg of aluminum.

This picture is much more concerning than what we are led to believe!

This is extraordinary because a single vaccine can contain 250 micrograms (250,000 nano-grams), and an infant can receive about 3,675 micrograms in the first 6 months.

In other words, less than 0.01% of the aluminum in the first 6 months of vaccines can create a 10-nanomolar concentration in the brain, and 0.1% can create a 100-nanomolar concentration in the brain  (since 3,675 x 0.01% = 0.3675 micrograms, and 3,675 x 0.1% = 3.675 micrograms)

In other words, a single vaccine contains more than enough aluminum to inflame the brain! This is very frightening!

An important new study (Crepeaux et al, 2017) reported that a dosage of 200mcg/Kg Al adjuvant (as 3 doses of 66 mcg/Kg), injected intramuscularly in the leg, caused a 50X increase in brain aluminum content. Brain aluminum was measured 6 months after the final injection.

You read it right: 50X more aluminum in the brain after one single vaccine!

The most rigorous arguments in defense of aluminum adjuvant are described by the Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG), at Oxford University:

The OVG has two arguments for the safety of aluminum adjuvant:

Argument 1:

“After vaccination, there is a temporary increase in the amount of aluminum in the body, but this is not a lasting effect. The body gets rid of most of the aluminum in just a few days. There is no evidence that this causes any risk to babies and children.”

Argument 2:

“Two studies from 2002 (Keith et al) and 2011 (Mitkus et al) compared the impact of aluminum from diet and vaccines in infants. Both of these found that the total amount of aluminum absorbed from both sources is significantly less than the recommended safe maximum amount.

Two papers will be used to debunk the first argument:

Flarend: “In vivo absorption of aluminum-containing vaccine adjuvants using 26Al”
Movsas: “Effect of Routine Vaccination on Aluminum and Essential Element Levels in Preterm Infants”

Argument 1 is contradicted by both Flarend and Movsas.

Flarend is an experiment in which radioactive (“radiolabeled”) aluminum adjuvant was injected into rabbits. Movsas is a study looking at urine and blood aluminum in human infants after the 2-month vaccination date (the 2-month vaccination date has the highest dose of aluminum in the CDC vaccine schedule, up to about 250 mcg/kg).

Flarend injected radiolabeled AlOH and AlPO4 into rabbits, and then monitored the urinary excretion of the radioactive aluminum. The aluminum adjuvant dosage was 340 mcg/kg, which is comparable to dosages received by human infants according to the CDC schedule:  75, 150, and 250 mcg/Kg.

After 28 days, the rabbits were dissected and aluminum concentration was measured in body tissues. The radioactivity enabled very accurate measurements of aluminum content in the urine, blood, and tissues.

Flarend unequivocally determined that the aluminum was NOT eliminated in “just a few days”, as claimed by the Oxford Vaccine Group. Instead, Flarend found that most of the aluminum was retained in the rabbits even after 28 days. Flarend states:

“The cumulative amount of aluminum eliminated in the urine during the 28 days of the study was 6% of the Al hydroxide and 22% of the Al phosphate adjuvant dose. Aluminum from both adjuvants was still being excreted at a steady rate at day 28.”

Since injected Al adjuvant is not eliminated in the feces, about 94% and 78% of the AlOH and AlPO4, respectively, remained in the rabbits after 28 days. The aluminum was not eliminated in a few days, as claimed by the Oxford Vaccine Group.

Also,  Flarend detected Al adjuvant in the brain, kidneys, spleen, liver, lymph nodes, and heart.

Yes, aluminum hydroxide is bio-accumulated in the body in several organs, quite the opposite of what the pro-vaxers claim. 😊

Let’s look at the main results of Flarend.

For Al hydroxide, about 100-5.6% = 94.4% of the aluminum remained in the rabbits after 28 days.

For Al phosphate, about 100-22% = 78% remained in the rabbits after 28 days. The aluminum is definitely not gone “in just a few days” as claimed by the Oxford Vaccine Group. 

Further, Flarend also reported that the aluminum persisted in the blood for weeks. Flarend states:

“The aluminum concentration in the blood produced by AH [Al hydroxide] adjuvant at 1 hour was similar to the concentrations found from 2 to 28 days.”

The results are different for AlOH and AlPO4 because they dissolve in body fluids at different rates. Only dissolved aluminum appears in the blood. 

AlPO4 dissolves faster and so is eliminated faster and produces a higher blood aluminum level; AlOH dissolves slower and so is eliminated slower and produces a lower blood aluminum level.

The Movsas study (2013) is consistent with Flarend. Movsas measured aluminum concentration in urine and blood before and after routine vaccination with 1200mcg aluminum in 2-month old infants. Movsas states:

“No significant change in levels of urinary or serum aluminum were seen after vaccination.”

The obvious question is “where did the aluminum go”? It was injected, but it didn’t show up in the blood or urine. It’s in the body somewhere, but we don’t know where.

Movsas states:

“We were reassured to find no significant postvaccine rise in serum aluminum level after vaccination of preterm infants with vaccines containing a total of 1200 μg of aluminum.“

The above statement is bizarre. We don’t know where the aluminum went, and that’s not reassuring at all. Some tissues like the brain are very sensitive to aluminum. 

I believe this irrational interpretation is motivated by a desire (or psychological need) by medical professionals to believe they are helping, and not injuring, their patients.

From the Flarend study (and other studies of Al adjuvant) we know that some Al adjuvant is transported to the brain, which is very sensitive to aluminum.

The Flarend and Movsas results obviously contradict the “just a few days” claim by the Oxford Vaccine Group and other vaccine advocates.

The Flarend and Movsas results are not surprising in view of the present scientific understanding of aluminum adjuvants.

Yes, aluminum adjuvants, in the form of nanoparticles accumulate in the brain, causing inflammation and eventually autism and related neurological issues.

This is a fact! Science has spoken!

This verse applies wonderfully to this obstinance to avoid facing the truth:

2 Timothy 4:3

For there is going to come a time when people won’t listen to the truth but will go around looking for teachers who will tell them just what they want to hear.

We can see this with the Offit cult 😊

God bless y’all 😊

Dr. Serge


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