Yes, parasites DO cause harm! And they are one of the main causes of health issues.

I have been working in the alternative medicine field for a long time and I have seen crazy things.

But this following case was one of the craziest I have witnessed in my entire career!

I have this woman who came to me because she is dealing with parasites.

I am not kidding, parasites are literally coming out of noses, eyes, skin, and bowels.

She is infested with parasites!

Of course, she had seen multiple medical doctors to get some help.

She brought samples, she had pictures of the parasites to show to doctors what kind of buggers come out of her body.

But all of them thought she was psychotics!

They all thought that she was crazy and recommended strong antipsychotics medications.

Medical doctors do not believe that parasites are a thing unless you traveled to Africa or one of those third world countries.

One of the psychiatrists she saw diagnosed her with delusional parasitosis and he said that if she still plays with her poop and takes pictures of the parasites, he will lock her up!

Can you imagine to be treated like that when you actually visually see parasites coming out of the body?

Delusional parasitosis, also known as delusional infestation or Ekbom’s syndrome, is a delusional disorder in which individuals incorrectly believe they are infested with parasites, insects, or bugs, whereas in reality, no such infestation is present.

Individuals with delusional parasitosis usually report tactile hallucinations known as formication, a sensation resembling insects crawling on or under the skin.

Delusional parasitosis is a mental disorder characterized by a fixed, false belief that a skin infestation exists.

The alternative name, Ekbom’s syndrome, was named after neurologist Karl-Axel Ekbom, who published seminal accounts of the disease in 1937 and 1938.

Morgellons is considered to be a self-diagnosed form of this condition, in which individuals have sores that they believe contain some kind of fibers.

Details of delusional parasitosis vary among sufferers, though it typically manifests as a crawling and pin-pricking sensation that is most commonly described as involving perceived parasites crawling upon or burrowing into the skin, sometimes accompanied by an actual physical sensation (known as formication).

Parasite-related issues are my specialties. Over the years, I have developed an expertise to handle parasites that affect humans.

This crawling and pin-pricking sensation are very, very common when parasites are present in the body.

I see this all the time! It has nothing to do with being crazy or not. Parasites can actually travel throughout the body through the lymphatics system for example.

You can actually feel them anywhere in your body!

This condition is treated much as other delusional disorders and schizophrenia. In the past, pimozide was the drug of choice when selecting from the typical antipsychotics.

Currently, atypical antipsychotics such as olanzapine or risperidone are used as first-line treatment.

Notably, sufferers often will reject the professional medical diagnosis of delusional parasitosis, and few patients willingly undergo treatment, which is understandable.

I have still to meet a medical doctor who will take parasite infestation has a serious condition.

Around 95% of the American population suffers from conditions that are caused by parasites.

And you do not have to leave the country to get a parasitic infestation.

There is tons of research demonstrating that the underlying cause of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, bipolar, schizophrenia, among others, are caused by these little critters.

You can read this paper:

“The role of parasites and pathogens in influencing generalised anxiety and predation-related fear in the mammalian central nervous system.” Horm Behav. 2012 Aug;62(3):191-201.

It is very interesting to see how those tiny bugs can impact us so much!

Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most common parasites in humans, affecting as much as one-third of the world’s population. Individuals can become infected with this parasite in several ways, such as by eating undercooked meat, drinking unpasteurized milk, or eating raw fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the Toxoplasma gondii’s eggs are present in cat feces, and one of the most common ways people are infected with Toxoplasma gondii is through contact with an infected cat.

Trouble sleeping, skin irritations, mood changes, and muscle pain can all be caused by the toxins that parasites release into the bloodstream.

Often times, these toxins cause anxiety, which can manifest itself in different ways.

For instance, waking up in the middle of the night or grinding your teeth in your sleep are signs that your body is experiencing anxiety while you rest.

When these toxins interact with your neurotransmitters or blood cells, they can cause mood swings or skin irritation.

Thus, toxins release by parasites present in our gut travel to the brain and cross the blood-brain barrier.

Once there, they can cause a variety of issues through a range of mechanisms, such as alteration of hormonal and neurotransmitter communication and/or direct interference with the neurons and brain regions that mediate behavioral expression.

For example, it is known that these toxins disrupt the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. We know that serotonin is the happy hormonal of the brain.

Another possible explanation could be that depression results from changes in brain chemistry produced by inflammation caused by parasitic infestations.

We know that the gut produces more serotonin than the brain. We always know parasites in the gut interfere with the production of serotonin and other hormones.

Therefore, if you suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, the goal is to restore the gut to normal function by doing a parasite cleanse as one of the steps you need to do.

In conclusion, yes parasite infestation IS a thing. I see this every day with people. I have seen parasites causing virtually every condition you can think of. There are more than a hundred different types of parasites that can affect the human body. Consequently, it is very important to do parasite cleanses regularly.

God bless y’all 😊

Dr. Serge

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