Measles outbreak in Samoa: what you need to know

We have heard a lot lately about the outbreak of measles in Samoa and other places as well.

I can’t stop thinking that this outbreak was induced by the vaccine itself as we can see below.

We have known that all outbreaks of measles involves the strain of the virus contained in the vaccine.

Let’s look at this article:

“The role of secondary vaccine failures in measles outbreaks.”

The authors state:

“We conclude that secondary vaccine failures occur and that while primary failures account for most cases, secondary vaccine failures contribute to the occurrence of measles cases in an epidemic.”

“Those that seroconvert but still become infected with measles (secondary vaccine failure), but we are also seeing those with vaccine failure infect others.”

Another article that was published in 1984 showing that as those with natural measles die off in a population (natural herd immunity) will leave a growing population of individuals with vaccine induced antibodies leading to a population of “susceptibles”.

The title of the article is “The future of measles in highly immunized populations. A modeling approach” and you can find it at 

Dr. Poland also discusses the imperfection of vaccine induced coverage and has called for a “better” vaccine. He states we will never eradicate measles with the current vaccine or program.

In addition, Stanley Plotkin, the modern day Grandfather of vaccines and consultant to the CDC on vaccines, published this article about measles at the beginning of November 2019, in which he describes issues that he believes are contributing to the failure of the measles vaccine to prevent infection and transmission of the virus. 

The title is: “Is There a Correlate of Protection for Measles Vaccine?” and you can find it at this link

He says:

“However, the vaccine gives an attenuated infection, and it is not the case that antibody levels remain permanently elevated in vaccinees. The current situation is responsible for reevaluation of the long-term efficacy of measles vaccine “

“Moreover, the reasons for waning of antibodies in some vaccinees are not known, and the establishment of new correlates of protection based on neutralizing antibodies or other immune functions may be needed.”

“Genotypes B3 and D8 are now circulating, and these viruses are not as well neutralized by antibodies to the vaccine genotype (ie, genotype A) as by antibodies raised against the new strains [9]. Even more importantly, a minority of vaccinees lose antibodies with time and thus become susceptible to infection with wild measles virus.” (*** Note the strains reported in NZ ARE B3 & D8.)

“The possibility that subclinical or paucisymptomatic infection with measles virus occurs in vaccinees must also be considered.”

“Subsequently I realized that nothing is simple, as has been noted from times immemorial! The reasons for this lack of simplicity are manifold, including lack of standardization of critical immunologic tests, the multiplicity of antibody and cellular immune functions, and the many ways in which those functions interact.”

In the 60’s, doctors warned us that it is nonsense to disrupt the fragile balance between the measles and human population. Doing this could lead to catastrophic consequences. And they were right!

You can read the article yourself:

Those epidemiologists, and there are many, who tend to revere the biological balance have long argued that the ecological equilibrium of measles is solidly based, that it cannot readily be disrupted and that therefore we must learn to live with this parasite rather than hope to eradicate it.

Figure 1 presents annual morbidity and mortality for the expanding reporting areas from 1912 to 1959. Note the stability of the morbidity rate and the steady downward trend in the mortality rate. Also, there is the somewhat ominous suggestion of a cessation of this downward trend since 1955 similar to the leveling off of the infant death rates during the past six years. The morbidity figures testify to the stability of the biological balance of measles during the period. The decline in mortality demonstrates the degree to which we have adapted to this balance and have learned to live with this parasite.

We know that the vaccine is responsible for those outbreaks

But let’s go back to what is going on in Samoa.

The problem there is not the lack of vaccination. Actually, the situation is way worse since UNICEF has been vaccinating people.

The problem is the lack of nutrition!

This article:

“Child, maternal and household-level correlates of nutritional status: a cross-sectional study among young Samoan children” found at

The authors state:

“The observed prevalences of stunting, overweight/obesity and anaemia suggest that it is critical to invest in nutrition and develop health programmes targeting early childhood growth and development in Samoa.”

In this table, we can see how those kids are nutritionally deficient.


The Samoan children are malnourished and overweight. They also have issue with water quality and sanitation.

Below are more articles to support this claim.

In the last article, we can see that more than 95% of the population is overweight!

And they believe that vaccines will fix this outbreak!!

Actually, UNICEF has delivered 30,000 Vitamin A tablets. In addition, they deployed health and nutrition specialists. They have been teaching people about sanitation, washing their hands, and refrigeration.

It is ironic to me that UNICEF admits that vitamin A and sanitation are the key to control this outbreak.

But don’t get me wrong, once this outbreak will be under control, they will brag about how efficient the vaccination program was to achieve this.

God bless y’all

Dr. Serge

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