Is this new coronavirus that contagious? Not really!

There is a lot of unanswered questions about this epidemic that has been going on for months now.

The New York Times said:

“Coronavirus Does Not Spread Easily on Surfaces, C.D.C. Says”

CBS announced:

“CDC says COVID-19 not caught easily from surfaces and 40% of transmission occurs before people feel sick”

Life Science stated:

The coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ from touching surfaces or objects, CDC says

USA Today said:

“Coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ by touching surfaces or objects, CDC says. But it still ‘may be possible.”

You can find a lot of other titles like these ones.

We are starting to realize that this “virus” does not spread that easily in reality.

People get confused when it comes to viruses.

Viruses are not living things. Viruses are complicated assemblies of molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates, but on their own they can do nothing until they enter a living cell. Without cells, viruses would not be able to multiply. Therefore, viruses are not living things.

When a virus encounters a cell, a series of chemical reactions occur that lead to the production of new viruses. These steps are completely passive, that is, they are predefined by the nature of the molecules that comprise the virus particle. Viruses don’t actually ‘do’ anything. Often scientists and non-scientists alike ascribe actions to viruses such as employing, displaying, destroying, evading, exploiting, and so on. These terms are incorrect because viruses are passive, completely at the mercy of their environment.

In other words, viruses do not do anything by themselves.

They need us, our cells, our molecular machineries to be “alive.”

They are dead micro-organisms and become alive when the terrain is suitable to their activation.

The key concept here is terrain. In the holistic world, we know that viruses and bacteria do not do anything if the terrain is properly nourished with the right nutrition.

Then, science from Germany seems to confirm this statement from the CDC.

You can read articles like these ones:

No proof coronavirus can be spread while shopping, says leading German virologist

From the Telegraph

There have been NO proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers’: German scientist casts doubt on how coronavirus is spread – as experts comb ‘Germany’s Wuhan’ for secrets about bug

From the Daily Mail

Germany’s had more than 113,000 coronavirus cases, but fewer than 3,000 deaths. Scientists are hoping to unlock why.

From Business Insider

This last article is interesting between the author states:

“There is no significant risk of catching the disease when you go shopping. Severe outbreaks of the infection were always a result of people being closer together over a longer period of time.”

Finally, this paper published last week puts another nail in this epidemic coffin.

“A Study on Infectivity of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Carriers”

The goal of the study was this:

“An ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread around the world. It is debatable whether asymptomatic COVID-19 virus carriers are contagious. We report here a case of the asymptomatic patient and present clinical characteristics of 455 contacts, which aims to study the infectivity of asymptomatic carriers.”

In other words, one person who supposedly had the virus but did not present any symptoms was in contacts with 455 people.

The results:

“No severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections was detected in 455 contacts by nucleic acid test.”

“All the 455 contacts were excluded from SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

“Unquestionably, all cases tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid. This fact illustrated that there had been no cases of infection in a relatively dense space.”

“Based on the foregoing discussion, we conclude that the infectivity of some asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers might be weak.”

“This finding implicates that there is not needful to worry unduly for asymptomatic or mild patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

To put it another way, the transmission of this virus through the asymptomatic is non-existent, null, not concerning.

I feel that we have been lied to again.

We were told since the beginning of this pandemic to stay home, to practice “social distancing” in order to minimize the spread of this virus through the carriers who do not present any symptoms, called asymptomatic.

As we are finding out now, this is not the case at all.

The virus does not spread through surfaces and does not spread through the asymptomatic.

In addition, like I have been saying for weeks now (like several other doctors), there is no way of knowing who has the virus or not.

The PCR test is fraudulent. It was designed to give lots of false positive. To be accurate, 80% of the test results are false, meaning that 80% of people were diagnosed with the virus when in fact they did not have it.

And what makes this testing even more confusing is that the FDA admits that “The detection of viral RNA by RT-PCR does not necessarily equate with an infectious virus.”…/emergency-sit…/faqs-testing-sars-cov-2

So, what does a “positive” test actually mean? And that’s the problem: No one knows for sure.

To put it simple: we do not have a test to detect people who have the virus or not.

This is a bold statement, but this is the fact.

The PCR test does not work.

But what about antibody testing?

The FDA says:

Because serology testing can yield a negative test result even if the patient is actively infected (e.g., the body has not yet developed in response to the virus) or maybe falsely positive (e.g., if the antibody indicates a past infection by a different coronavirus), this type of testing should not be used to diagnose an acute or active COVID-19 infection.…/emergency-si…/faqs-testing-sars-cov-2…

There is no doubt people are dying. But of what? A virus? Maybe but we do not know for sure. There are other hypothesis out there but none of them have been confirmed yet.

There are lots of unanswered questions here. And the whole pandemic scared is based on lies.

Finally, the CDC confirmed a .2% death-rate for this coronavirus

For that, we have:

* Added nearly 6 trillion to national debt

* Laid-off or furloughed 50 million workers

* Placed 60 million on food stamps

* Gone from 5% to 13% unemployment

* Crippled the petroleum industry 

* Ruined the tourism industry

* Bankrupted the service industry

* Caused an impending meat and protein crisis

* Threatened, fined, and arrested church leaders

* Exacerbated mental health problems

* Shut down schools and colleges

* Given unbridled power to unelected officials

* Increased suicides higher than COVID deaths

* Delayed surgeries and treatments for profound illnesses 

* Infringed upon countless important civil liberties

* Placed 300 million Americans on house arrest

These consequences are largely due to two things:

The first is our view of government as a god that can control Providence and plagues. In our hubris, we increasingly view the government as a deity who can stop acts of nature.

The second is our sniveling, 21st-century commitment to safety. Our desire to be “safe” ruined our fiscal, physical, medical, food, energy, and national security.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for cultural fragility.

TIME TO WAKE UP!!  So many Men and Women died for us to be FREE!

God bless y’all 😊

Dr. Serge

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